Saran Wrap Dental Dams


You know what’s great that it exists for safe mouth on genital sex? Dental dams.

You know what is terribly engineered and mostly useless for safer sex? Dental dams.

Aside from being incredibly hard to find out in the world, they’re just a massive pain in the ass to use. Made from a super thin rubber, they’re incredibly light, which becomes a problem when you want them to stay in one place. Not just on a body, but also when you want them to not stick to your face with every breath you take.


Mmm Black Cola

SO, guess what? I know of something you can get at pretty much any store, is made to stick to itself and things to wrap them nicely, and tastes/smells like nothing!

Yeah, you read the title already, it’s Saran Wrap.

But it’s not FDA approved. So what’s a sex educator to do? Well, luckily these two adorkable human beings did some pretty convincing tests as to if it’s safe for preventing STI transmission:

Good enough for me!

I’ve even used saran wrap for someone riding my face and it stayed in place and worked fantastically (protip: throw some lube on your partner’s genitals before applying the wrap). Whereas with the dam it would have been basically me breathing the dam and them trying to follow it around my face as it blew around. So pick yourself up a nice box of saran wrap, preferably with a cutter built-in for easy use!

Domestic Analysis of PornMD’s Infographic (aka part 2)


Aaaand…we’re back!

So as mentioned before, we’re a MILF lovin’ country, that’s for sure! Here’s a text version of their top 10 for the USA:


2. teen – duh

3. College – also duh

4. creampie – slightly surprising to see this so high up..especially that it’s sometimes associated with swinging/cuckolding/bisexual male play

5. massage – this is really kind of out of left field, I feel like I don’t come across massage role play that often. But it’s an unfortunate thing to see for the massage therapists out there trying to destigmatize the profession from its seedy past

6. asian – while not as high up as other countries with higher asian populations, still clearly shows the fetishization of race that asians are dealing with in this country

7. pov – a development in recent years that’s certainly become more popular. The newest spin on this genre of late is strapping a GoPro video camera to your head or body part while having sex.

8. amateur – duh! There’s a huge explosion of amateur porn with how every device we have can record decent quality video these days. Perfect for sex tapes…

9. anal – oh anal. So stigmatized, yet so many Americans are doing it. I could go on a whole rant about how it needs to not be stigmatized to address many of the issues people have with it…

10. lesbian – because even homophobes still like seeing two women go at it…just not two men! The horror!

So where’s everyone looking at MILF porn? Well, everywhere. But, the highest concentrations are in the midwest and southeast. I can’t quite put my finger on why this is more so than other areas…

Oh and Asians? Similarly to Canada, the more there are, the more they’re the subject of porn searches. West coast. Nuff said.

But, did I say they were the only race being searched for? Well, that wasn’t quite correct. Because in some states, ebony is a very highly used search term (#1 in some southern states). But nonexistant in the top ten of other states…Speaking of which, in some of the southern states, one of the top ten searches is for “black”…but on their gay side of the search engine! Make of that what you will…

So that’s a wrap on some of the interesting bits…See anything else that makes total sense that I missed? Or anything totally odd with what you’d expect for a state? Drop me a line in the comments!

Domestic Analysis of PornMD’s Infographic (aka part 2)

Analysis of PornMD’s Global Habits Infographic


So let’s start at the macro level!

Mostly predictable for what you’d expect in the USA…although it is a bit surprising to see MILF at #1. Anyway, we’ll dig into the USA more later…

Canada’s list is pretty similar with the exception that Asian is the top searched item. While still a relatively small minority in terms of percentage of the population, Asians make up 11% of the Canadian population, versus 4.8% of the USA’s population. So it makes sense that it’d be more prevalent there…BUT…similarly points to a fetishization of Asians. Which is definitely unfortunate.

Whoa boy, Mexico! The #1 searched term is Mexico…on their gay sites! That’s pretty impressive but for a country rapidly liberalizing towards gay marriage and acceptance, it’s a good thing to see. But let’s move down to South America:

So, while the search results to SA countries could be skewed based on their sites not being popular down there, gay porn seems to be VERY popular in SA. Not quite sure what to make of it. Oddly enough, one of the top results in Venezuela is Nina Hartley. Go her!

A lot of the world is pretty similar to you’d expect, nationalities matching the country, some of the common top results, and some well known porn stars from said country.

Last interesting region: Asia!

Whoa, wait, what? Japanese related porn shows up more than Chinese? Although I doubt these results given China’s firewall and being anti-porn, these are somehow coming from Chinese IP addresses. I guess the next time they amp up tensions based on the islands in the South China Sea they should take a break and watch some porn and may feel a bit more amicable :3

More coming in part two!

Analysis of PornMD’s Global Habits Infographic