Signal Boost: The Best Sex-Trafficking Narrative Deconstruction


I’m absolutely floored by how detailed and methodical this piece is in taking apart the media/hollywood/law enforcement narrative around sex-trafficking and how it is intended to hurt sex workers who do it of their own choice. I could quote and talk about it but it’s rather lengthy so I rather you go read that:

The Truth About the Biggest U.S. Sex Trafficking Story of the Year

Whoa CNN…on polyamory!



I was quite surprised when I got up yesterday morning to see this article on the top-middle of CNN’s homepage! It’s a pretty positive writeup on a few Poly groups. Of course, there’s a little “balance” in the form of “monogamy experts”. But the focus is on how positive and stable polyamorous relationships can be. Really awesome.

Just don’t read the comments.


Media reports of drug-resistant gonorrhea in Hawaii overblown


So it sounds like this story making the rounds like seen here: is actually false.

The linked article is the actual case study of the incident and it wasn’t the same strain. It was a highly drug resistant strain but not the incurable and deadly HO41.

Also, a good little follow-up to calm the fears of HO41 being “worse than AIDS”.

Mainstream media hype…*shakes head*

Media reports of drug-resistant gonorrhea in Hawaii overblown