A year for retooling


Hoping to make some changes around here this year! I’ve been pretty busy tweeting and posting things on Facebook so this has somewhat fallen by the wayside. Also I’m occasionally co-hosting Life on the Swingset so check those out on the media page.

But, this year my focus is going to be on figuring out a real direction that I want to go in other than casual blogger. I’m feeling a passion for making this more than a hobby and into something I can at least start making a job out of. I’m still super torn on what I actually want to do with the pile of things I know and like to share and what form that will take. But figuring that out as well as the business side of how to make that actually happen is my intention for the year.

So if anyone has recommendations for mentorship things, business development opportunities, and even useful certifications to study for, all are welcome! But I feel like I’ll hopefully see my fellow educators out there more this year and get those connections 😀

As for the educating, check out @misterpent on twitter or facebook.com/misterpent for my regular updates until I figure out where this site is going to fit into all of the next phase! Oh and subscribe to Life on the Swingset the podcast while you’re at it 😉

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