Signal Boost: The Best Sex-Trafficking Narrative Deconstruction


I’m absolutely floored by how detailed and methodical this piece is in taking apart the media/hollywood/law enforcement narrative around sex-trafficking and how it is intended to hurt sex workers who do it of their own choice. I could quote and talk about it but it’s rather lengthy so I rather you go read that:

The Truth About the Biggest U.S. Sex Trafficking Story of the Year

Whoa CNN…on polyamory!



I was quite surprised when I got up yesterday morning to see this article on the top-middle of CNN’s homepage! It’s a pretty positive writeup on a few Poly groups. Of course, there’s a little “balance” in the form of “monogamy experts”. But the focus is on how positive and stable polyamorous relationships can be. Really awesome.

Just don’t read the comments.


More Cliteracy


Since everyone has been posting a link the the Huffington Post article about this exhibition, educating everyone on the complex organ that is the clitoris, I think it’s only fair to link to the actual artist’s Tumblr:

Check it out for a more detailed view of some of the project than you can see on other sites covering it!

Cliteracy Exhibition

“Girls” Without Condoms


I definitely noticed this as well…

Not quite sure after the decent effort to be safe-sex focused last season (even with an over the top episode about HPV) why this season has been so absent in using condoms. Cheap narrative shortcut?

Although that article does not take into account that there was no penetration in the last sex scene of “On All Fours”…

“Girls” Without Condoms

Porn stars before and after makeup


It’s funny how people will use the phrase “she looks like a porn star” to describe someone. But in actuality, porn stars look incredibly normal for the most part.

The amount of work done is pretty crazy and kinda moves everyone towards a very similar look. Honestly, I think it goes too far, I know a lot of men find freckles attractive but apparently the porn industry thinks we all want a smooth complexion.

Porn stars before and after makeup