Media Appearances


SO you know I’m a blogger…and I like to tweet from time to time.

But I really love to run my mouth on Podcasts! So here are some awesome ones that I’ve made appearances on:

Life on the Swingset

SS 246: The One With The Lesbian Swingers

SS 249: Having Gang Bangs (Real Ones, Not Mailbags)

SS 250: Pegging Experience with Ruby Ryder

SS 267: Swingset Takes Over Desire

SS 272: Beyond Kinsey – Sliding Across the Sexuality Spectrum

SS 273: Cybersecurity for our Naughty Bits

SS 279: The Allure of Paradise – The Swingset at Desire Resort

SS 300: Live, atop Mt. Swingset at the Ski Chalet!

SS 303: Low Value Dick and Accessible Messaging

SS 304: Pants Feelings – Things That Make You Go Mmmmmm

SS 307: It’s Called Polyamory – With Rebecca Hiles and Tamara Pincus

SS 312: Sexually Relevant Grooming Habits

SS 313: Mutual Masturbation – Giving Each Other a Hand

SS 316: Shiny Beacons of Slutty Hope – Live at Playground Conference 2018 in Toronto, Canada!

SS 322: They Came For the Titties, They Stayed For the Knowledge – A Playground Bedcast – Probably don’t start with this one :3

SS 325: Gang Bang the Mailbag 36 – Swinging while Broken, Addiction and Swinger Culture, and More!

SS 330: Gang Bang the Mailbag 37 – Pet Play, Wallflowers, Canadian Clubs

The Gentleperverts Social Club

GPSC 001: Gender Politics and Kink, The Man of Inaction, Death and Coming Out

GPSC 004: The Nonmonogamy Birthing Pangs Show

GPSC 006: Heavy – Victims, Blowing Off a Date, This Week in Cats!

GPSC 007: On Sex Geeks & Alternative Lifestyles

GPSC 014: Closing the Deal, at the Swingset Desire Takeover

GPSC 015: Long Distance Relationships are Wonderful Bullshit

Full Disclosure

FD 158: Online Privacy & Internet Hacking with Mr. Pent

FD 165: Virtual Reality Porn Demo, Ageism in Dating, Women in Comedy