Analysis of PornMD’s Global Habits Infographic


So let’s start at the macro level!

Mostly predictable for what you’d expect in the USA…although it is a bit surprising to see MILF at #1. Anyway, we’ll dig into the USA more later…

Canada’s list is pretty similar with the exception that Asian is the top searched item. While still a relatively small minority in terms of percentage of the population, Asians make up 11% of the Canadian population, versus 4.8% of the USA’s population. So it makes sense that it’d be more prevalent there…BUT…similarly points to a fetishization of Asians. Which is definitely unfortunate.

Whoa boy, Mexico! The #1 searched term is Mexico…on their gay sites! That’s pretty impressive but for a country rapidly liberalizing towards gay marriage and acceptance, it’s a good thing to see. But let’s move down to South America:

So, while the search results to SA countries could be skewed based on their sites not being popular down there, gay porn seems to be VERY popular in SA. Not quite sure what to make of it. Oddly enough, one of the top results in Venezuela is Nina Hartley. Go her!

A lot of the world is pretty similar to you’d expect, nationalities matching the country, some of the common top results, and some well known porn stars from said country.

Last interesting region: Asia!

Whoa, wait, what? Japanese related porn shows up more than Chinese? Although I doubt these results given China’s firewall and being anti-porn, these are somehow coming from Chinese IP addresses. I guess the next time they amp up tensions based on the islands in the South China Sea they should take a break and watch some porn and may feel a bit more amicable :3

More coming in part two!

Analysis of PornMD’s Global Habits Infographic

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