Saran Wrap Dental Dams


You know what’s great that it exists for safe mouth on genital sex? Dental dams.

You know what is terribly engineered and mostly useless for safer sex? Dental dams.

Aside from being incredibly hard to find out in the world, they’re just a massive pain in the ass to use. Made from a super thin rubber, they’re incredibly light, which becomes a problem when you want them to stay in one place. Not just on a body, but also when you want them to not stick to your face with every breath you take.


Mmm Black Cola

SO, guess what? I know of something you can get at pretty much any store, is made to stick to itself and things to wrap them nicely, and tastes/smells like nothing!

Yeah, you read the title already, it’s Saran Wrap.

But it’s not FDA approved. So what’s a sex educator to do? Well, luckily these two adorkable human beings did some pretty convincing tests as to if it’s safe for preventing STI transmission:

Good enough for me!

I’ve even used saran wrap for someone riding my face and it stayed in place and worked fantastically (protip: throw some lube on your partner’s genitals before applying the wrap). Whereas with the dam it would have been basically me breathing the dam and them trying to follow it around my face as it blew around. So pick yourself up a nice box of saran wrap, preferably with a cutter built-in for easy use!

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Since everyone has been posting a link the the Huffington Post article about this exhibition, educating everyone on the complex organ that is the clitoris, I think it’s only fair to link to the actual artist’s Tumblr:

Check it out for a more detailed view of some of the project than you can see on other sites covering it!

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