Slapping my own wrists – BAD BLOGGER!


Oh hey, it’s me, remember me?

Fuck I’ve been slacking. I’ve been busy though. This summer featured some play parties, a trip to Catalyst Con west, speaking on a panel, several podcasts including interviewing my role model, Reid Mihalko…it’s been great! Oh except for that coming out part, that wasn’t so great.

So I’m hoping to really get this thing moving again. I got really excited after all the amazing people I met at Catalyst and had wonderful experiences and conversations leave a real imprint on me. I can’t wait to push forward with some school and developing a business plan and other exciting things.

Except, work.

I realize that I need to really keep myself moving along in my day job and coming up on my four year anniversary, it’s time to get some new education under my belt. I told myself that I’m going to take and (hopefully) pass an exam I scheduled for this Wednesday. Then I will allow myself to focus on some sex educator activities.

So I’ll hopefully be checking back in with more writing soon!

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