One toy per month


So I’ve put myself on a not strict one toy purchase per month diet…I realized after my last breakup that despite a toy bag with lots of things in it, I didn’t have much in the way of kink toys.

Had to fix that! Here’s the breakdown.

1. Nipple clamps, blindfold, silicone gag, pinwheel – okay, clearly not one but just a few inexpensive ones to get started…An inexpensive leather flogger too. GARBAGE. Seriously, I thought I had found a deal from all of the positive Amazon reviews but I won’t link it here because it’s so bad. Stingy but so poorly made and with small tassles…

2. Leather cuffs (oh and they’re fleece lined).

I also picked up some Kimono brand condoms since I had heard them recently raved about. Not sure but I don’t think they’re my thing…

3. A riding crop. I was in Milwaukee so I stopped in the lovely Tool Shed and picked up that little fun thing. Also ordered some female condoms as I was getting low and have found them to be quite good on occasion.

4. Suede flogger. A large, well weighted one. Nice satisfying thud feeling.

Also picked up a cock ring as I’ve been curious for awhile and Extreme Restraints had them on sale 🙂 Can’t speak to it yet…we shall see!

Taking suggestions for future months! I am very curious about a violet wand though they can be quite pricey…


That said, there is a bigger issue at hand…my new toys don’t fit in my bag! I don’t need something significantly bigger, BUT the big issue is fitting long things in, particularly the two foot long crop! I guess I want something not too big but long enough to fit that…golf bag?!

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